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Do Boobs ever get boring? I say “no”.

Boobs don’t get boring, and this is why:
-No 2 are the same (in pairs or on the same lady).
-They bounce.
-They are interchangeable with just a few thousand dollars & 2 weeks recovery time.
-They are the top 2 things men & *lesbians think about most during the day. *(please see important note at bottom)
-They secrete milk about 9 months after their **owner has sex without a rubber. **(please see important note at bottom)
-They’re so so much fun to play with, as long as giant, pencil eraser sized nipples don’t get in the way. No one likes those. Seriously, no one does.

*Lesbians are in a class called “Homosexuals” and that means there is no place in God’s Kingdom for them. I know this to be a true fact because that crazy b*tch who pickets Soldiers funerals said so. I hate that dumb b*tch.

**Women like this are also known as “Wh*res”.

I See D*uchie People.

Someone emailed me today and asked me where I get off posting gross stuff and thinking it’s OK.
Normally, I don’t engage with negative stupidity, but I did send this d*uchie d*uche-bag a note back saying “Yes, I get off, usually into a sock… good thing I have two feet, because it’s usually twice a day! Nothing like staining my already dirrty socks!”

I haven’t heard back from her. Wimp.