Beauty is a Beast!

I’m camping up in very Northern California at a really great spot. This is a total non-animal-rescue trip. This is just for poops & laughs. But God, is it beautiful up here. There are SO many National Parks, State and BLM land you can stay at completely free. Unless you hate crickets, deer walking up to your rig/tent at night and gorgeous streams, ponds, mountains and rediculous star-filled skies, there is no reason for you to not toss the family and some camping gear in the car and go to one of thousands of awesome places to go unwind. Although I’m sharing the pictures on @Instagram tomorrow, check them out below. #RVLife #NoAnimals #TimeByYourself #Nature


Gorgeous pond with lots of horny Bullfrogs.


Parked in the trees


Let the sunshine. Let the sunshine in.


Seriously, this is my view!

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