Best Buy sucks d*ck. True Story.

I have been at Best Buy on Pico in Los Angeles for exactly 1 hour. Not a single employee has asked if I needed help. After 10 minutes I decided to see how long I could stand around and not be offered any assistance, questions answered, help finding something, a bl*w-job – ANYTHING. But nope. I have been wondering around the same 15 square foot area the whole time. The store is not full of customers. Not a single person is on line at the checkout as I type this. There are plenty of employees that are walking around with seemingly nothing to do. They have all walked by me without so much as a fart. And now I’ve been here for 1 hour 5 minutes. And *I* just crop-dusted an employee standing around. I now feel better and don’t think my time here has been a complete waste. 🙂

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