@CARB: Why are you even here…??

If CARB (California Air Resource Board) let’s @Volkswagen’s #Dieselgate dirty TDI emissions-cheating diesel cars and SUV’s stay on the streets polluting OUR air, then there should be no CARB. We Californians and ALL citizens of the USA have the right to breathe clean air. If you have come to the conclusion that Volkswagen is unable to bring these cars into compliance with the EPA and you guys- the cars must be bought back from owners. VW’s TDI’s last more than just a few hundred thousand miles. Any new car these days can do that. These things are built to, and regularly do reach 600,000, 800,000 and even 1,000,000+ miles. My own previous TDI is still going strong with it’s new owner with over 400,000 miles on it.

Another point is that the owners of these cars will NEVER be able to sell them. No one is allowed to even BUY them now- there has been a Stop-Sale on TDI’s for 6 months. Sh*t, even VW’ dealers won’t take them on trade. Stories of newer models that had a KBB of over $12,000-$15,000 before the scandal were being offered $1,000 on trade-in after the scandal broke. Imagine being one of these owners who still has $12,000 to pay off on his/her loan but will never be able to sell the vehicle or trade it in for more than $2,000-$3,000. These owners are getting F*CKED.
I’m one of those owners. Don’t f*ck me. I didn’t ask to be f*cked. And I have the right to breathe in better air than what these polluting “unfixable” cars are spewing out. And so do all the people out there who didn’t buy a TDI. There will be all these cars/SUV’s out there polluting their children’s air. These cars will put money in your pockets for sure, duh, we’re not stupid- but are you OK with your own kids and grandkids breathing in the pollution that we all know will line your pockets? Let’s go bigger: Do you indeed care about clean air, CARB? Do you care about our planet? Think bigger than just California, because what everyone on this planet does effects it. Are you guys seriously considering letting all these cars stay on the road? How can you be OK with this?

I bought and drive one of these cars and *I’M* not OK with this. I don’t want to hurt your kids, grandkids- or anyone else’s.

Make VW buy these vehicles back. Or not. But get them off the road. Isn’t that what you people are here for??!

Otherwise, just go ahead and fire yourselves and shut down CARB, because at that point having a CARB at all is a moot point.

P.S. Making VW pay fines doesn’t fix the damage these dirty vehicles have and will continue to cause to the environment.

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