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#Animals are Love

Aw, these were the days. Animals are the best. I have been so lucky and blessed to have these 2 together to know and enjoy one another for those 2 1/4 years. They were really fond of one another. They even ate out of the same bowl.

26 & Misha & Daddy
26 & Misha & Daddy

When Misha passed last year, 26 looked for her in the motorhome for weeks. Sometimes I think he should get himself a pair of new friends :-). Animals are just the best. That f*ckin’ little girl made me so happy. And 26 still makes me happy on a daily basis. #AnimalsAreOurFriends

My turtles deserve this. 

So, it’s winter in California. My 2 girls have to stay in at least 70 degrees if they can’t warm themselves by hauling themselves out of the trough and onto their wooden deck to bask in the sun. And there isn’t enough sun or warmth this time of year. So, I dropped a 250 watt submersible heater in there to keep it about 72 degrees.

Well now there’s no garden to water either (so no recycling their water to water the plants). That means their water gets dirty. So I am going to put this filter in with them to keep the water from getting stagnant and to keep it clean.

Very un-treehugger of me, I know. Normally I like using as much of their unfiltered water as I can to water the garden and then replace it with fresh, clean water. 3 birds 1 stone: recycle nutrient rich water to fertilize plants; bucketing out water keeps the water from getting stagnant; and finally, the water is perpetualy clean by replacing dirty water (to go to the garden) for clean water. Win-Win-Win. But Winters are not a win for this hippie, lol.

I can’t complain, it’s only $24 on Amazon.