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Yeah, this another random adorable…

…animal picture from my visit to the LA Zoo. This baby was so curious about the Aunt, and The Auntie was being so cautious because Mommy was very close by. The baby was persistent in meeting Auntie, and after a while, Auntie could resist it no more. And then they met. I Loved it. I took the picture at just the right moment. #Love


Discount Code for @WhistleLabs Pet Tracker!

If you’re like me and love your pet to pieces, and they are either indoor/outdoor OR runners (think of your fence-jumpers or 4th of July fireworks runaways) Then you should get this. I used them for many years both stationary and on the move in the RV, and it works great. Aside from a sh*tty customer service ordeal that I myself had with them, the service provided to keep your critter safe, having this device is priceless. And I have a discount for you too! Use this code and get $25 off the tracker and charger/base station.

Her’s the discount code, be good cheap #Stalkers…

Nw-b6tf3z <—– Code. You can buy the thing at 

Or if you’re a big @Amazon shopper, you can get it here:



This is what the damn thing looks like on its dock/charger.


This is what the damn thing looks like on an incredibly #UglyDog. (I’m sure it’s one of the Whistle Pet Tracker employees dog. (now i feel better about the bad customer service, lol)