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The Kathy Griffin of today…

The Kathy Griffin of Today

Just my opinion:

Kathy Griffin is awesome for her rant video. She has bigger balls than most straight men I know. She is funnier than sh*t. She posed with that stupid Trump mask and I think people got a little carried away. Her shows shouldn’t have been canceled, and her fans shouldn’t have been denied the shows they had paid to go see. Media outlets- not social media like nobodies like mine, but the real legit news and gossip sites/shows, went crazy on her. They kind of went after her. People she has known for years, friends, colleagues, employees, employers- just dropped her and walked away. Why? It was just a f*cking picture. @Madonna put out a whole book of herself naked, and she barely got bashed for it. Didn’t she also “threaten” to shoot Trump? WHO CARES. None of this, Madonna’s or Kathy’s stuff was a serious threat.

I’ve met a few of the people Kathy talks about during her rant. I think she’s telling the truth.

Here’s the thing, my little horse & pony show isn’t just a website about my RV adventures. Or about the animal rescue I throw myself in. Or about my HILLARIOUS random rants about the sex I never had with those black guys. It’s about EVERYTHING. It’s a blog about my peculiar, kind of unconventional life in general. It’s about ALL those things and more. I have fans from the #VanLife world. And fans from the Animal Rescue community. Some fans follow my (f)art solely for the #PottyMouth and #ToiletHumor stuff. And of course, there are those fans that have 20/20 vision and are just here to stare at all my perfectly chiseled beauty. I don’t blame them. I’m looking into a gorgeous mirror right now. BUT the one subject I don’t do (aside from jokes) is politics. I can’t stand them, I’m dumb about them (just like Trump) and I couldn’t be less interested. SO, politics aside: Kathy Griffin did good. And I think she’s being persecuted unfairly. We want her to come back so we can hear more p*ssy jokes and to hear her make fun of celebrities and clueless people and invade the gays personal lives. Oh how I miss her invading me…

Anyway- That’s my thoughts on Kathy Griffin. From my #VanLife. With my cat, 2 rats, 2 turtles and this cute little underage Mexican girl I picked up crossing the border. I give it a day in the Van with me before she’s begging to go back over the Wall that’s not there yet. I won’t understand what she’s saying during her pleas, of course, because I don’t understand Mexican, but I’ll get the gist. <— Did I spell that right?

Giving it forward #AnimalLovers

So, the other day we gave a King Size 9″ memory foam mattress to a lovely lady who needed it for her 3 #UglyDogs. Mastiffs. Well, she said once they were all on it at the same time, she would send a picture. And she did. So here are two :-).

PS: #Adorable!


3 #UglyDogs all lined up all comfy!


All 3 #UglyDogs. King-Sized mattress for some King (and Queen) sized dogs.


I’d just like to say thanks to everyone who has followed this blog- through all its evolutions since I started it in 2003. As of Friday, September 8th 2017, has had 100,000,000 unique visitors! That’s a great feeling for a non-celebrity, irrelevant guy like me ;-)! Thanks!

I hope to keep evolving and be given the opportunity to keep sharing and entertaining!


With Love, @VocalVirgo

Open letter to Yosemite Pines RV Resort

This was sent to the owner and also the manager of the park. It was also sent to several animal welfare groups and county animal control and welfare. It was also sent to the ASPCA and the District attorney of their County.

“Hello, I have reached out 2 times before about getting the entire feral cat colony at YPRV TNR’d. This would be FREE OF CHARGE to the Park owner and it would STOP any more kittens from being born. This offer should be treated as a welcomed solution, not as an aggressive demand.

When I left the park just before the holiday weekend, there was a solid count of 35 cats, all photographed to be sure we weren’t double counting. There are now 19 new (kittens born this season) and 2 others uncounted from last time, and 10 that were not seen this time again twice. That is a possible 66 feral cats in the colony.
Please let the rescue groups come and TNR the cats. This is a no-brainer. This is a win/win situation for you. You’ll never have another kitten born that will itself add to the colony when it breeds.
The County was contacted about a rotting cat that had died under a cabin. I know you don’t want that happening anymore.
There are “radical” (in my opinion) groups that are going to call on the County to site the Park over this, which may be considered a health hazard.
Just let them help.
If this email receives no response, the County will be called. If the Animal Control comes out there, you also risk the chance of them siting you again for the improper care on the petting zoo animals and their health.
Don’t let all this happen. TAKE THE FREE HANDOUT.
And to reiterate: shooting the cats or poisoning them is illegal. Let’s just do this and get the problem solved.
Thank you,

Virgo Degan