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Clown sex

Happy Monday. Stalk me.

For those of you, my #Stalkers, who have friends that love animals or love to camp/RV or love inappropriate humor or love the gays (and even the blacks) or love staying in shape… Please tell them to follow me on #SocialMedia. I will entertain them. And if I can’t do that, I promise to perform #Oral on them. Even the girl ones.

And here is a photo that will hopefully get you in trouble at work.


@BookBub: Thank you for knowing me.

@BookBub, which is a website I kind of like because they make suggestions on what they think I’d like… Today, they offered me this piece of magic. Now I’m not really sure if they know me at all.  What kind of #gaypervert do they think I am?  And I’m so insulted. How do they not know me any better…?

I already have this title!