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#Animals are Love

Aw, these were the days. Animals are the best. I have been so lucky and blessed to have these 2 together to know and enjoy one another for those 2 1/4 years. They were really fond of one another. They even ate out of the same bowl.

26 & Misha & Daddy
26 & Misha & Daddy

When Misha passed last year, 26 looked for her in the motorhome for weeks. Sometimes I think he should get himself a pair of new friends :-). Animals are just the best. That f*ckin’ little girl made me so happy. And 26 still makes me happy on a daily basis. #AnimalsAreOurFriends

Yeah, this another random adorable…

…animal picture from my visit to the LA Zoo. This baby was so curious about the Aunt, and The Auntie was being so cautious because Mommy was very close by. The baby was persistent in meeting Auntie, and after a while, Auntie could resist it no more. And then they met. I Loved it. I took the picture at just the right moment. #Love