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White Profiling

So I just walked into a CVS, and I guess because of the way I’m dressed, they called security on me. “Security dial 000, Security 000 right away please.”  That’s what I heard about 15 seconds after walking in. And now there’s a dude following me. So I’m gonna put a small box of tampons in my pocket WHILE HE WATCHES and then smile. 😄


AT&T is enemy #1 today…

I added AT&T U-verse to my AT&T wireless account, which has 10 lines on it… And the first bill comes in and I pay both the wireless and the U-verse. I somehow  have an $11 credit. However,  they turned everything off because they said I have a $17 balance that is unpaid. #Unbelievable.  My online bill pay account has been wiped out. All payment methods – gone. All the names that were attached to each person’s wireless line – gone. And the option to pay this “past due balance” is there, but will not allow me to pay  with a credit card, checking account or savings account. Oh and did I forget, their online chat is also down. I tried to access that through my iPad that I have through a different service.

I guess it actually doesn’t pay to pay your bills on time.



Naps and #SexDreams

I slept all afternoon and I had 2 sets of sex dreams. The first was with some random guy. And then still in my first dream I was having sex with some chick I had never met before, but I was completely willing to get her pregnant just for the sake of sex. OK, and then the second dream was this really long played out “lifestyle” dream and I was living with Ben Patrick Johnson @BenPatrick90069, and it was just so weird. He was spooning me but I super duper wanted him to fork me. And in the middle of the night I got up out of his bed and I played with his Great Dane and his rabbit who were sleeping on the same dog bed, but the dog bed was up on top of the dresser which made no sense. Anyway, I didn’t have sex in any of the dreams. Even in my sex dreams I can’t get laid!