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@OMAROSA is the female version of @realDonaldTrump

I just saw the ridiculous interview on @TheView. I have no idea who she is (except for the @WendyWilliams and @Bathany talk shows) and she is just a mean and #Rude b*tch. She’s not “empowered”, she’s just a b*tch. All 3 times I’ve seen this lady she was really rude to her hosts.

On the #Upside, she makes me want to grow up to be a much better #BlackWoman than she is.

Wait, how did these people get into the f*cking #WhiteHouse? America: What have less than 1/2 of you done? #Consequences  @Sunny Hostin @JoyBehar


God this b*tch is a b*tch.



Faggots @NextDoor

So yesterday, via the @NextDoor App (for neighbors within the same neighborhoods to communicate anything from road closures to classifieds to questions or requests- really, a great App), one of my BF’s neighbors got all homophobic on me. She’s kind of a c*nt to begin with, so it doesn’t irk me like it would if an intelligent person had said it… But still, in this day and age for a woman 40ish (so she says on her profile) it seems a little out of place. But get this- the chick actually posted publicly in the thread that she wants to commit a hate crime and tells me to “Flame it up, girl” and then uses emojis of a big flame, another of a dancing woman in a long dress, a third of a rainbow and last but not least, a yellow face with x’s for eyes (meaning the face is dead i.e. I should be dead?).  So all these neighbors who I’ve never talked to or met before came down on her like showers of sperm on Debbie’s face from “Debbie Does Dallas”! And I got 36 private messages from people telling me they know who she is and not to sweat it and that she’s a tw*t-bag who no one should give even 1/2 a f*ck to. The people in this neighborhood are awesome. I feel like offering to make sexy-sexy with them is the right way to thank them, right? Or that’s too much?

Anyway, all this was over me posting a request for her to stop having the motorhome sticker by the police as “Abandoned”. (She also had my car snickered). Poor little b*tch though, I talked to the police department for this town and I was told that after the harmless sticker, I have 3 days to move it. So now, every time she does it I’m going to leave it where it is parked for 3 days, THEN move it. Now she will have to deal with it for at least 6 days at a time. Because she’s a bad neighbor. And #Ugly person.

I thought I’d share one of the tamer comments someone left…

“She threw the first punch. You just responded and then she went all homophobe on the thread. The problem isn’t you or your RV. It’s obviously some sort of deep seeded problem that probably should have been medicated decades ago.”  <—– That’s some funny sh*t!