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Bullying… Please read.

My Nephew is 21. He is so great. He’s gotten to the point where he’s having to ask people to treat him with respect. And some other people are just bullies. These are adults that are harassing him. This is about who he is and what makes him happy in his life. HIS life. Not mine, not yours, it’s his. It’s his life. So for all you #sTupiT people out there trying to “protect” your children from him, you need to get some perspective. Or go to Church more. Sh*t, maybe you might have to go to Church less.

Anyway, the next person who has a f*cking problem with him can call me. Or shoot me a text, a FB message, an email. Whatever. And you can discuss your grievances with me- an adult who won’t take your bullsh*t.  You know who I am. And I know who you are. So bring your hate to my party and let’s see what happens.


Virgo Frankie Degan; AKA @VocalVirgo


Pick on him? I don’t think so. Go bully someone else.

I went to this site for the first time. Showed up in a Google search i quireied. I read the article and although it was informative, there was a disturbing mistake about where (free to live) Slab City was. As you can see in the screenshot below, the author states that it is in Quartzite Arizona, But in fact, it is in Niland California. Big mistake. I wonder why no one has brought it to their attention? Oh I know (because I tried), they have no Twitter and no Facebook and if I wanted to leave them a comment informing them of their oversight, I’d have to sign up for an account with @HubPages. Too much work. Maybe they’ll just see this post.


AxelAddict needs to look at a map, lol.

Mariah #Fail NYRE

Drunk. Tired. Lazy. Who knows. But she talked through some VOX and just plain didn’t sing when there were none. And when she was ‘sposed to lip sync, she just kind of… didn’t.

This is what I think happened: More than 1 VOX was supposed to be running. We heard the high notes, so that track was running. But I think others weren’t and she was caught off guard. Or knew she couldn’t perform those. And when the VOX was playing for her to lip sync to, well, she just kind of plain f*cked that up. Also, she ripped out her earpiece (and no one has pointed this out), but she dropped it. She twice tried to get it to put back in her ear, but couldn’t find it where it should have been hanging. She was over it by then it looked like. Honestly, it was worse than @AshleySimpson SNL. But sh*t happens. I’m sure everybody is going to just brutalize @MariahCarey for NYRE disaster. I just wish she would have TRIED to save it with some actual singing and trying to get the lip syncing right. :-(. She could hear the stage monitors. I know this because her dancers could hear it just fine and didn’t miss a beat. She should have tried. She should have just made it an audience participation thing after the first time she told them there was a technical issue. Watching her walk around while her whistle notes were playing out of a tape probably made everyone who doubted it before, that she was lip-syncing- and has been for years. My God, the Oprah clip of her forgetting to bring the mic to her mouth to pretend to sing the high note in the song she was singing “I Want To Know What Love Is” was well over 10 years ago. She has been lip-syncing for longer than she’s been real singing. Listen though- Very few people who possess a whistle register can rarely keep it when they get older, especially after so so many years of singing them performance after performance. @ChanteMoore seems to be the only one who can still do it, and quite frankly, she can do it like CRAZY crazy. Shanice is another who still has it. And me. because I’m perfect. And I would have made that leotard look #Sick!

I’m always rooting for everyone, and this was hard to watch. But sh*t does happen. I feel bad for her… I like her. I like everyone. Let’s start the new year with NO drama! Happy New Year Mariah Carey. 🙂


Mariah Carey 2017 NYRE disaster 🙁

The trending Facebook questionnaire

I refused to do this, but then after waking from a bad dream, I was a’scared to go back to sleep. So I did it. And I added my own new question at the end. Please tag me or hashtag me #VocalVirgo after you complete yours. I want to see if you’re bigger losers than me.


Step kids………………..0
Shot a gun………………Never. And never will.
Quit a job………………..Yep, without a next one already lined up… I’m an idiot
Flown on a plane………Yes BUT not in years and years and never again.
100+miles in a car…….Yes. I did 900+ in one day. Oh. I think this means speed. Um, 101 MPH, 1991 Ford Escort GT and 102 MPH 2000 VW Golf TDI. I guess I have to do 103 MPH in my latest ride…
Hit a deer………………..Yes. I was beside myself. The police came and shot her. Terrible memory. It’s why I’ve never shot a gun.
Zip Lining ……………….Get bent. I’m not crazy.
Cried over someone…Yes. Didn’t deserve my tears.
Fallen in love……………Yes. Didn’t deserve that either.
Watched someone give birth…Gross. I’ve helped animals plenty of times, just no need to see human ladies do it.
Watched someone die…Pass
Been to Canada……….Yes
Rode in an ambulance…Yes
Visited Las Vegas…….Yes
Sang karaoke…………..Yep
Been downhill skiing…As a kid in tie-up skis.
Rode on a motorcycle…Duh. I’ve had 4. Latest one is the best. F*cking sexy as H*ll to look at and ride. (And be seen riding!)
Rode on a horse……….Yes. Wonderful. Animals treated well ride happy and proud.
Stayed in a hospital…..Most of my childhood.
Donated blood………….Can’t. Syncope Syndrome. Plus I’m gay and I’m not allowed.
Rode in the back of a police car…Yes. 10 arrests (the last being in the front seat however, with no cuffs). I had a GREAT childhood, lol.
Sex in the back of a car…Backseat, front-seat, over the hood. (Yes, I added that question because I’m a troublemaker). 🙂

*Hold your finger down and select copy… Then go into your own status and paste. Change the answers to your own. No lying. Liars!