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Inauguration donation.

I’ve committed to donating $1 million to Donald Trumps inauguration.  With that, not only will I be at the inauguration but I will also have access to a special dinner sometime in the future where Donald Trump and his wife and the vice President elect and his wife will  be in attendance.

I will have seven other tickets to this event. Who wants to go?

I’m not crazy. I’m scared. #Trump

Sonyou know how I’m not into politics. I voted once, and it was for the black guy. Good choice I think. That same year I voted on Prop 8, which was the one to take away gay marriage, or redefine it or whatever. I like my #gays so I voted on that too. But I’m a #Dummy and I voted Yes instead of No because the ads confused my little brain. So after that I said I wouldn’t vote again.

But then this bigoted, misogynistic, racist pig – who had absolutely zero previous experience in government politics decided he wanted to run. For president.  Like our president. Of the United States. As in the guy who is in office and in the White House and makes all the decisions for our country. So I considered voting again. But then I was assured by my friends that the state I was currently living in,  which is California, always wins the other way. Well, that saved me a trip to the voting booth. But now as I go to sleep in my home, a Winnebago motorhome but I love traveling around our gorgeous country in and experiencing life in a way that is unconventional and that does not meet the social standards of what everyone thinks we should live our lives by.  I am worried that people like me, who are free spirits or freethinkers or just plain old have big mouths, are going to have our lifestyles/lifestyle choices dictated by this crazy guy who in any universe- this one or a parallel one,  should never be a leader of any kind. And you certainly shouldn’t be allowed to be the voice of the entire United States of America.

I like black people. I like brown people. I like women. I like the gays. I like all of the different colors and lifestyles around me on this great planet of ours. I fear that some of these people’s or group of people’s lives are going to be directly affected by things that this orange person is going to implement.  I don’t like this orange person. So I guess I don’t like everyone. Just not this one person. This one orange person who is a mean-spirited, vicious, has no manners and is about to make the United States of America the laughingstock of the World.

For anybody from outside of the United States reads this,  I want you to know that me personally and millions of other people who live in this country are not representative of what Donald Trump says and thinks, and  eventually, probably will do.

And lastly, because I will never bring up the subject again or talk politics again on my website… I’m sorry for any Mexicans or Muslims whose lives become greatly affected or ruined because of what Donald Trump has promised to do to you and your friends and your families. I am so sorry. No one should ever do what this guy has promised to do to you. Just know that millions and millions of other Americans feel the same way. We are on your side.

I’m not going to proofread this for typos because I’m already sick to my stomach after just writing it.