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Apple iPhone X. This 1 flaw…

If I may… I’m an #AppleFanBoy and a #GoogleNut too. I also like random other software (remember “Lindows” or “LinSpire”? Anyway, I have liked them all because I love watching these software companies make their stuff work. Except AT&T’s @DirecTVNow that will only play in the Chome Browser, no matter what computer or operating system you have. #LameAndStupid. Anyway… So here @Apple releases 2 new iPhones just a few weeks (months?) back. Well, the 8 and 8Plus are the standard move forward from last years 7 and 7Plus (no “S” this year kids, play catch-up like Apple and just skip one). Well, as it turns out, developers- a lot of them have to have 2 versions of their software to accommodate the 6, 7, 8 separate from the X. Here’s why: That damn tab at the top of the full-frontal. Apple even had to tweak it’s iOS so that things that normally went across the top of the screen would now sit on the left and right of the tab as to not get lost in it. Which brings me back to the other developers. So, Google jumped on making accommodations for the X’s tab. If you’re watching @YouTube on your phone, you’re doing it in landscape mode. So they made quick changes that would recognize when an X was calling for their data. They simply move (not crop) the video fully intact to the right of the starting point on the left side of the X’s screen in landscape mode. So their videos don’t have a tab of video missing. They got it right. Yes, it does look a little weird that the whole screen isn’t being used, but would you rather a partial piece of the left side of your video just not show?

So I thought, what about gamers? What if there is something critical that would normally be on that part of the left side of the screen, where that damn tab is? What if there was a button or easter egg or something that the user couldn’t access because they couldn’t SEE it. So, because I had nothing better to do, I looked for a few examples of how that damn tab could get in the way when code is not written in its consideration. The following screenshots are perfect examples (like me naked). There are literally hundreds of developers having to tweak their code to get their stuff looking right on the X.

I’m not a gamer, but if I was this might piss me off…
I’m assuming this is a game or video. Who cares. It would annoy me too.

You know who did it right (and why I just bought an iPhone 6S Plus instead of the X)? Samsung. That f*cking @Samsung did it right. Their new S8 and Note got the full-frontal right… Take a look at these screenshots.

Now this looks right. Even and symmetrical.


…and so does this. Pleasing to my OCD eyes.



Just FYI: The Honda Rebel has always been my favorite motorcycle of all time. And I’ve never even owned one…

After 32 years, Honda has updated its Rebel. True, they’ve made little changes here and there and have even had years where it never even showed up. But, it has changed almost not at all over its long-toothed life. Most of us assumed it would just be discontinued for good at some point. But it kept coming back… same tiny, venerable, engine, crazy easy to ride, really low seat height and slick MPG year after year. And it remained the quintessential “starter bike”. I’m not sure you can call it that anymore. Read on…


This is 100% a brand new bike in every way: size, weight, power & drive trains, overall look (OMG!) and of course- price. No longer using a 234 cc parallel twin, the new for 2017 Rebel borrows not one, but TWO engines from its stablemates. For the first time since its debut in 1985, the Rebel offers two powertrains. The 300 is the single cylinder (thumper) from the CB(R) 300 and the 500(!!) is the parallel twin from the CB500(F,X,R) line. They are all stock, meaning they are completely unchanged for Rebel duty. That includes the 6-speed gearbox (yaaaaah!). Sadly, the Rebel is no longer a very small and very light bike. The Rebel 500 (which just *sounds* awesome!) weighs in at 408 lbs. That’s just 16 lbs lighter than the CB500. These are now so close to the weights of the other Honda offerings, that there won’t be a power/weight ratio advantage. The Rebel 300 is in the same boat. But at a (Honda) estimated 67 MPG, you’re looking at a much more powerful bike from what it replaces, and still great fuel mileage. If you’re a cruiser fan, or a Honda fan, you no longer have to feel embarrassed at owning the (cult followed) Honda Rebel of previous years. And you’re no longer looking up so high at every other biker, as the seat height has gone from 26.6 inches to 27.2 inches. This isn’t the Rebel on steroids, this is a 100% all new bike. And it looks fantastic. And either motivator will giddy-up in a hurry, unlike its predecessor. Did I mention it looks fantastic?

Oh, 1 more thing: The price. The Rebel 500 starts at $5999.00 That’s only $100 less than the CB500. But if you prefer cruisers, this could be the bike for you. Spend the hundred bucks you saved on a hat and tee shirt (Honda Powersports branded, of course).

2017 Honda Rebel