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White Profiling

So I just walked into a CVS, and I guess because of the way I’m dressed, they called security on me. “Security dial 000, Security 000 right away please.”  That’s what I heard about 15 seconds after walking in. And now there’s a dude following me. So I’m gonna put a small box of tampons in my pocket WHILE HE WATCHES and then smile. 😄



@Twitter has become a place for people to bash each other. I’m not saying that’s a bad thing, but geez, doesn’t @realDonaldTrump have a new job now that requires his TIME and ATTENTION? Why is this f*cker on Twitter fighting like a schoolgirl with anybody who disagrees with his “policy”. I mean, His policy is to treat women, any brown or dark brown persons, the gays, and as stated above, anyone who disagrees with him, no matter who or what they are- like crap.

If he is going to pull a #MuslimBan on our fellow humans, can’t we put a #TwitterBan on him?

Hey! You! Trump! You’re a 70 year old man who somehow became the President of the United States. Why don’t you put down your Moto X and stop Tweeting #Hate and your own brand of #Negativity and just try to pretend to do your job and f*ck up this country…?

He is right about one thing. His Daughter is HOT. I wanna grab her by the p*ssy. #GrabEmByThePussy Wait… which daughter was it?


I hope everyone will stop using @Uber until they stop supporting at @realDonaldTrump idiotic new  I could’ve order on immigration. I find it odd that #Uber of all people and companies, would support him considering 80% of their drivers are  immigrants. Curiously, a large percentage of those immigrants are from the nations that our lovely Donald Trump has banned from immigrating from- starting now.


@OMAROSA is the female version of @realDonaldTrump

I just saw the ridiculous interview on @TheView. I have no idea who she is (except for the @WendyWilliams and @Bathany talk shows) and she is just a mean and #Rude b*tch. She’s not “empowered”, she’s just a b*tch. All 3 times I’ve seen this lady she was really rude to her hosts.

On the #Upside, she makes me want to grow up to be a much better #BlackWoman than she is.

Wait, how did these people get into the f*cking #WhiteHouse? America: What have less than 1/2 of you done? #Consequences  @Sunny Hostin @JoyBehar


God this b*tch is a b*tch.



Fuck Fuck Fuck

I couldn’t be more proud to be an American as I am today. I can’t believe it took someone like @Madonna to make me feel proud again.  I just want to give that crazy bitch a big fat hug because she’s the first person to ever get me to uncensor my own swearwords on my own blog (and to take the fear out of me).  I always asterik out one of the vowels in any swearword I use – it’s just kind of  “my thing”.  Anyone who follows any of my social media or blog knows this. But I couldn’t be prouder with being able to entitle this entry “Fuck Fuck Fuck” uncensored.  I am so proud of that woman for saying what she said today. She made me happy again. I’m not afraid to live in my own country now,  as I have been for the last three months.  I’ve considered taking Canada up on their offer and moving up there for the next four years. But I’m going to stay right where I am and proudly fight the fight for equality, for everybody.  Everybody.  I don’t need to list sexes, genders, colors, races, religions, beliefs… Everybody.  Everybody.

If you have a problem with this blog post, please unfollowed me on all social media. But don’t forget – grab your mothers, sisters, daughters,  wives, girlfriends- any female by their Pussies. It’s OK. You’re allowed to now.


@Madonna at the very beginning of helping us stay grounded and together.