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I’d just like to say thanks to everyone who has followed this blog- through all its evolutions since I started it in 2003. As of Friday, September 8th 2017, has had 100,000,000 unique visitors! That’s a great feeling for a non-celebrity, irrelevant guy like me ;-)! Thanks!

I hope to keep evolving and be given the opportunity to keep sharing and entertaining!


With Love, @VocalVirgo

I’d like to rape @DrLuke

I’m not asleep yet. But I bet if I spermed, I’d sleep like a baby. Normally I don’t do the rape. I like it consentual, but seeing how Dr. Luke is A-OK with rape, I’ll just do him. He’s kinda gross, but I’ll be doing him from behind so I won’t really have to look at his ugly, lying face.


Kesha Praying

Well it’s official. Ke$ha (@KeshaRose) is one of those artists who’s only showing us her big guns now. First, on the track “Praying” and now on the track “Woman”, Ke$ha is hitting some whistle register notes- high ones, by anyone’s standards. In “Praying”, it was done at the very top of the climax- absolutely perfect time, note, emotion… On the track “Woman” it’s it’s own “whoo-hoo!” moment, if you will and it gets faded as other sounds and vocals start pushing it back. It is also pretty f*ckin’ sweet.

So, Minnie Riperton may be gone, but she has inspired a whole new 2 or 3 generations to practice, perfect and preform whistle notes in pop music. Ke$ha just waited like 7 years to show us she’s in that coveted group we love so much.

Kesha Rose “Praying”