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@Apple #AppleMusic limits?!?

I was made aware this morning of a limitation of Apple Music regarding Family Sharing. If an individual is in one “Family” he/she can only switch to another “Family” 2 times in a 6 month period. So, if your girlfriend dumps you and removes you from her Family Share, you have to wait the remainder of the 6 months from when you started to join another “Family”. Wow. That blows. #AppleSometimesSucks


VocalVirgo Apple Music

(this actually blows. wait 200 days to sign up for #AppleMusic? Bl*ws. next they are gonna raise their prices on their MacBook Pros… oh, wait…)


All hail @DorianWyld

So you all know how I love music. We all have our own tastes and mine is rather eclectic. I’m almost embarrassed at what my Top 10 Songs are, so I won’t share.
But there’s this talented mother*cker named Dorian Wyld. His music makes me want to f*ck. He just uploaded another track to @SoundCloud yesterday and here it is.

He’d better do a remix for me.