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During the first 2 seasons of @HouseOfCards, ‪@KevinSpacey‬ said some pretty perverted things to me. When I complained to MRC about it they changed my working schedule so I wouldn’t be on set with him. They also reminded me about my own “dirty, sexually based” sense of humor… The second year there was no such arrangement, and early in the 2nd Season he did something gross and I told him to his face, loud enough so other people on set would hear, “F*ck You you f*cking pervert! Get away from me!”. I was fired from the show that same day because of the incident.

My yelling at the lead talent was unacceptable. Apparently groping someone on the crew was.

I hear now that no one wants to drive him to set. Maybe they should ask @BillCosby to carpool with him. At least he’d have someone to talk to with common interests during the ride.

2017 Emmy nominations!

Everybody is so interested where the nominated actors were when they found out they were nominated. I don’t know why. But I’ll tell you anyway. I was going poop when I found out that I was nominated. Two  nominations . One for best lead male actor in a comedy/adult/porn roll and one for best lead female  playing opposite my male character. Yeah… so I was pooping.


Christina Crawford is a now 77 year old woman who wrote a book called “Mommy Dearest” in 1978. Of course I’d heard of it, but I never read it (duh, I’ve only read 5 books for pleasure in my whole life #TrueStory) and I’ve never seen the movie.

So, I’ve got 2 things to say… Firstly, I never saw the movie because when I was a teenager my friends and some adults used to make (harmless) jokes about my (birth) mother being “Mommy Dearest”. They told me what the movie was about and it reminded them of my child-self and my (birth) mother. So obviously, I wasn’t going to run out and rent the DVD. But just now I’m watching an interview of her with Bill Boggs (BillBoggsYouTube) and I’m fascinated by how well mannered and genuine she comes across. People don’t interview like that anymore. And then before clicking away from YouTube, I watched a clip from the movie and I was kind of grossed out. It was made in the early 1980’s and took place in the 1940’s and 1950’s… and it was just so powerful. I was reading reviews and the film was panned as a dud and even a comedy, becoming a cult classic for all the wrong reasons. That saddens me. Here is this woman who writes a deeply emotional memoir about a terribly abusive childhood, and people make fun of it. Was it the acting in the film? What was it? Gosh, as a people, we are so damn critical. We LOVE the negative.

OK, so the second thing is that just watching the clips of the movie based on the book, now I understand why my friends, teachers and parents of friends told me that my (birth) mother was like Mommy Dearest.

So, in closing, I give this now adult woman in her golden years, a ton of credit for writing this book. And given the era, she was very brave to do so.

Thank You Cristina Crawford.


Christina Crawford, (date unknown)


@drewbarrymore flirted with me once in Los Angeles in the gym parking lot. I denied her, (and I assume she cried all the way home) and I felt fine about it. Besides, she probably wanted a ride on my bike and I have a strict policy of “NO GIRLS ALLOWED!” Well, it seems like I made right choice. I heard she bit the fingers off some guy and then proceeded to eat him. WTF?? I could have been that guy. (God knows what she would have bitten off). So Drew: No means NO. And it’s staying no, you people-eater! #SantaClaritaDiet

Santa Clarita Diet #SantaClaritaDiet



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