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Logan Paul just fucked me right in the ass.

Logan Paul

Thank you, Logan Paul (@LoganPaul). You did me from behind and I didn’t even know you were there. @YouTube took down 16 of my funniest videos because of new guidelines they have implemented- apparently because of you. Don’t misunderstand, I just looked you up to see who you are and what the fuck you did to influence @Google ‘s rules and guidelines. And I think you’re OK. I’ve never seen any of your videos, or any of your social media for that matter, but props to you for going too far. I’ve been doing it for years. Most people love me for it, some hate my gorgeous guts for it. But with that said, 16 of my videos are gone along with the millions of views and comments. You suck- but in the best way. #NeverBackDown

No, but seriously, you owe me 16 YouTube videos. I would take sex as payment, but… no, wait… I’ll take the sex. Thank you in advance.

I just got blocked by a Jesus thumper on Periscope, LOL.

I just got blocked by a Jesus thumper on Periscope, LOL. All I did was tell her that the devil was inside me, and his name was Dick. I also did ask her who did her make up, and how long ago because it was pretty thick. I also may have reminded her that she was a white bleach blonde woman I needed to stop preaching like a middle-aged black pastor. Anyway, I have no idea why she blocked me. 🙂

Giving out warm clothes in West Oakland California.

The homeless are all but ignored, if not harassed. So, some people we know who live in the area helped us meet some of the folks who live in “Homeless Row” and later on “Tent City”. And some of these people even had a great sense of humor. #LoveOneAnother

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