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I’d just like to say thanks to everyone who has followed this blog- through all its evolutions since I started it in 2003. As of Friday, September 8th 2017, has had 100,000,000 unique visitors! That’s a great feeling for a non-celebrity, irrelevant guy like me ;-)! Thanks!

I hope to keep evolving and be given the opportunity to keep sharing and entertaining!


With Love, @VocalVirgo

Kesha Praying

Well it’s official. Ke$ha (@KeshaRose) is one of those artists who’s only showing us her big guns now. First, on the track “Praying” and now on the track “Woman”, Ke$ha is hitting some whistle register notes- high ones, by anyone’s standards. In “Praying”, it was done at the very top of the climax- absolutely perfect time, note, emotion… On the track “Woman” it’s it’s own “whoo-hoo!” moment, if you will and it gets faded as other sounds and vocals start pushing it back. It is also pretty f*ckin’ sweet.

So, Minnie Riperton may be gone, but she has inspired a whole new 2 or 3 generations to practice, perfect and preform whistle notes in pop music. Ke$ha just waited like 7 years to show us she’s in that coveted group we love so much.

Kesha Rose “Praying”

The new Hymer Sunlight Van One V1

I contemplated voicing-over these videos because once again, my #PottyMouth ran rampant┬áduring what should have been at least a semi-professional or serious product review. But then I remembered I don’t edit my @VocalVirgo videos because none of real life can be edited by iMovie. Plus I’m lazy as f*ck and that’s just too much work. Ya’ hit Record and when y’all are done, ya hit Stop. And whatever is in between is how it really went down. So boom.

Just keeping it 100.

Sorry, I went off on a tangent there. So here are both videos.