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2018 Ford Expedition. Max. Wow. Surprises.

2018 Ford Expedition Max. In Blue.

Let’s just start this out right: This is the reason Ford was able to rationalize (environmentally) killing off the Excursion years ago. This beast can hold 8 passengers and is powerful AND doesn’t suck at the gas pump. Oh, and it has a more powerful V6 than the old Excursion’s V8. Seriously. This is that f*cking crazy 3.5 EcoBoost V6 that makes… wait for it… 400 HP and 485 lb/ft Torque (with 93 Octane… Tiny bit less with 87 Octane). Um, that’s craziness! Why would anyone get a V8 anymore?? All I have to say is this: Holy Wow. They made good on their promise to responsibly replace the Excursion (and then some) and they finally did it (this time) with the new Expedition. Tick-Tock guys, but still good work! This is what I would have chosen to pull my (non-existant) Airstream!)

By the way- this thing is upwards of $80,000. Yes, for reals. (Base models start at $51,695)

2018 Ford Expedition. In Silver.

For all your questions and curiosities, go to EXPEDITION. I’m too lazy to type out all the details.

Vlogging from the toilet.

Do you remember the days when I just used to Vlog from the toilet, or talk about my dates/sex life, or write smutty stuff on my own bathroom walls? Those were the days. Well, they’re coming back! Like it or not they’re coming back from my almost finished #CamperVan! Now I’ll be on the road and doing my fun @YouTube videos from my (much, much smaller) camper bathroom!! Just like @WillAndGrace, everything should get a second run!!


Just FYI: The Honda Rebel has always been my favorite motorcycle of all time. And I’ve never even owned one…

After 32 years, Honda has updated its Rebel. True, they’ve made little changes here and there and have even had years where it never even showed up. But, it has changed almost not at all over its long-toothed life. Most of us assumed it would just be discontinued for good at some point. But it kept coming back… same tiny, venerable, engine, crazy easy to ride, really low seat height and slick MPG year after year. And it remained the quintessential “starter bike”. I’m not sure you can call it that anymore. Read on…


This is 100% a brand new bike in every way: size, weight, power & drive trains, overall look (OMG!) and of course- price. No longer using a 234 cc parallel twin, the new for 2017 Rebel borrows not one, but TWO engines from its stablemates. For the first time since its debut in 1985, the Rebel offers two powertrains. The 300 is the single cylinder (thumper) from the CB(R) 300 and the 500(!!) is the parallel twin from the CB500(F,X,R) line. They are all stock, meaning they are completely unchanged for Rebel duty. That includes the 6-speed gearbox (yaaaaah!). Sadly, the Rebel is no longer a very small and very light bike. The Rebel 500 (which just *sounds* awesome!) weighs in at 408 lbs. That’s just 16 lbs lighter than the CB500. These are now so close to the weights of the other Honda offerings, that there won’t be a power/weight ratio advantage. The Rebel 300 is in the same boat. But at a (Honda) estimated 67 MPG, you’re looking at a much more powerful bike from what it replaces, and still great fuel mileage. If you’re a cruiser fan, or a Honda fan, you no longer have to feel embarrassed at owning the (cult followed) Honda Rebel of previous years. And you’re no longer looking up so high at every other biker, as the seat height has gone from 26.6 inches to 27.2 inches. This isn’t the Rebel on steroids, this is a 100% all new bike. And it looks fantastic. And either motivator will giddy-up in a hurry, unlike its predecessor. Did I mention it looks fantastic?

Oh, 1 more thing: The price. The Rebel 500 starts at $5999.00 That’s only $100 less than the CB500. But if you prefer cruisers, this could be the bike for you. Spend the hundred bucks you saved on a hat and tee shirt (Honda Powersports branded, of course).

2017 Honda Rebel