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Homeless people don’t have homeless pets.

We have all walked past a person on the sidewalk, homeless, with nowhere to go. A lot of these people have pets. Regardless if these #FurBabies were with these folks before they became homeless or not, these animals still have a home. In many cases, these animals are safer and cared for better than if they were in a shelter or even in some cases- an actual home. Not everyone is kind to their pets.

Some of the most well mannered, tempered and trained animals have been those who belonged to homeless people. I have seen this for myself firsthand. It’s true, some of the homeless are “crazy”. But so are some of us. I mean come on, look at all the drugs we take to *not* be crazy. Sometimes the only difference between us and the homeless are 4 walls, 3 square meals, and a daily shower.

My point here is that the next time you’re going to walk past a person on the sidewalk, with or without a pet, ask them how they are and if they need anything. A lot of times these people will ask for dog food or flea medicine. And now, during these cold months, a blanket or a heavy coat would be a great gift you could give them.

It’s Christmas today, but we should be gifting this every day of the year. It is harder for these people than you can imagine. And their pets keep them alive just as much as they keep their pets alive. The difference is, is that most of the animals don’t know anything is wrong, they are just living their lives with their owners, loyally and lovingly… on the street.




So, with this upcoming new year right around the corner, I feel I have to add something new to my arsenal of content creativity. It can’t all be #VanLife, juvenile humor, and pictures of adorable kittens :-). So I decided to do very short reviews of every product I purchase from for the year 2018. This blog post is just a heads up.

Let us not forget, when I started the @VocalVirgo channel on @YouTube, I started off with how much junk mail I would receive during that year. Every time I sat down on the toilet to do a video the first thing I did was show you nosy folks how much more had accumulated since the last video.

You may now go back to what you were doing.

Talking to the guy who built my van!

Same old me, but I got the guy who built my van to do a “Sitting Down with VocalVirgo” chat about what it was like to build my van. This was fun. He used to do this in the 90’s and 00’s. Mine was the first van he’s done since, and now he wants to start doing them again because he’s a big supporter of the #VanLife.