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I’ve decided to keep blogging. Here’s why:

It only takes 1 person to really change your mind. And since any money I make from advertising I donate to animal charities/rescue groups, I thought maybe my time would be better spent giving my time to such needed causes. But then I get an email from a #Stalker (female, 50’s, single, 2 dogs, 1 cat- ‘prolly a lesbo…) and she told me that she misses my questionable/funny/inappropriate videos where I banter. She said they make her happy. She also told me she follows few other people on @YouTube and then listed who they were. I felt honored to be in a subscription list with the folks she listed. She then told me she misses seeing the side of my *ss-cheek when I did the “Sitting-Down with VocalVirgo” segments. (She had me at “missing seeing your side *ss-cheek…”. Anyway, that turned me around. I’m gonna keep doing this blog, YouTube channel, Periscope, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Tumblr, Instagram and XTube. I’m kidding about XTube. My name on there is different.

So, thank you, Nannette, for your inspiring words of adoration, approval and encouragement. I will stay on the web upsetting people with my poop jokes, sexual innuendos, flirting with straight men, accusations of straight women flirting with me, sharing pictures of adorable animals, posting pictures and stories from my crazy full-time RV’ing around the country, and of course, pictures of unflushed public toilets. I will stay here for you. The few. The brave. The closeted funny people, and those of you who would never admit to following me and reading my funny sh*t. (BTW, F/U to those people). You are my #Stalkers and I love it. Happy New Year.


This photo has absolutely nothing to do with the post. But it was too good to not use somewhere.