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Anyone who is interested in the #VanLife, should follow @richard.butler.3701. He is currently doing my van build out and is doing a killer job. So detail oriented. He even made the breaker box look good! He sunk it into the wall without having to compromise the insulation behind it. And I love how well he integrated a 110 V power outlet at the bottom of the rear. I will start posting more progress pictures. It should be done by the end of the month.

@VocalVirgo #Instagram

#DogsOfSlabCity. This is one of many puppies born at the Slabs. Despite our best efforts to get everyone fixed, snowbirds & drifters etc. keep bringing in their pregnant or unfixed dogs and by the end of the cooler season, we are left with hundreds of dogs and puppies to take care of. Some are left behind when their owner’s pack up and leave. So unfair. Let’s try and get the SlabPuppies homes!!

@VocalVirgo #Instagram

In case anyone is interested, the online forum that this happened on was It was a total pile-on. Other members complained, but even the moderators joined in.
This is the second forum I am/was a member of, where people bullied and #GayShamed me (and other members).
And that’s why if you want to join a specific forum, you should join a Facebook Group instead. @facebook would never allow this to happen. But independent online forums often have no rules (that they enforce). #LoveOneAnother

Sportsmobile Decal

Hello lovely followers. I am using my blog to share a photo with the community.  This post literally has nothing to do with anything. But, this was the quickest way to share a link with members of a forum I am part of. In other words, I’m using my own blog, in the laziest way possible to share something over the Internet. Um…  it’s called “lazy“, LOL.

You’re Welcome. 😉