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This was an email I sent to the Public Works Manager today. They are involved in disturbing protected animal abitat. One of these three people mentioned even told a news reporter that the plan to bury the pond in rubble and dirt would be postponed until all of the ducklings that have hatched so far, fledge. They have not kept that promise. Large machinery and dozens of dump trucks full of rubble and dirt have driven through the pond area running over ducks and turtles while at the same time destroying their habitat and scaring the sh*t out of these animals. Most people in this town are livid because this is clearly animal abuse. @livermoredowntown

The funniest reaction video ever.

My *sshole friends took me to dinner when I was visiting after the start of my #FullTimeRVLife, but only with the agreement that I would let them videotape me reacting to a short video and that I wouldn’t shut it off before it was done. The restaurant was crowded so I didn’t think it would be so bad. So I was looking forward to an easy & free dinner for me. But my friends are *ssholes, and the speaker on the phone I was watching the video on was pretty loud. Everyone eating on the outside patio with us heard the video.
And I wouldn’t change a godd*med thing about this, lol. Best reaction video ever.