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Sheep. Truck. Highway rollover. #DeadSheepEverywhere

Holy crap. I’m driving West on the 85 about 5 miles outside of Humboldt Nevada, and I just saw a livestock cargo trailer totally rolled over and broken open, way down the side and off the highway. There were several flatbed trucks and dump trucks filled with dad, mangled, bloodied sheep. I cannot believe I just saw that. They are just tossing all the bodies and pieces of bodies into the back of dump trucks bar on flatbeds.  Trust me, even I am glad I did not stop and try to take a picture of it. It was horrible. And yet I cannot help but think, does she probably had a better dad than what they would’ve experienced when they got to where they were being shipped to…

@VocalVirgo #Instagram

This #HateText Just came to my phone. This is the third one I’ve gotten in the last few months. And they are always late at night, probably because the fool is only brave enough once he/she are drunk, LOL. I’ve been getting these since I have been an active part of a movement to stop the killing of innocent animals in a pond in Livermore California. #GottaLoveTheInternet