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There are eight babies in there. Barely 4 weeks old. And mama is laying over the top of two of them, LOL. My girlfriend took this video as I was texting her about her previous video which I commented “Vermin!“, LOL. But you have to admit… They’re pretty damn cute.

There are eight babies in there. Barely 4 weeks old. And mama is laying over the top of two of them, LOL. My girlfriend took this video as I was texting her about her previous video which I commented “Vermin!“, LOL. But you have to admit… They’re pretty damn cute.

Google+… Another one bites the dust.

3 weeks until Google Plus (G+) shuts down. Better create an archive by April 2nd if you want to keep anything/everything. 

Man, Google has started and then shut down a lot of services in its history. More than any other company that still stays in business. Know why no one else starts a new social media platform similar to Facebook? Because they’ll fail. As long as there’s a Facebook, there will be no other. And we can all thank Friendster for this social media phenomenon- they started the whole thing.

Hymer just killed Roadtrek and left 900+ people out of work.

Holy sh*t, Roadtrek just got shut down because f*ckin’ Hymer lost all their money and faked a whole bunch of income and assets that they did not have. And then borrowed against it. And since Hymer bought Roadtrek barely 2 years ago, Roadtrek just got closed down. Even though they’re in Canada, Roadtrek was an iconic and beloved American Class B Van for the past many many decades. Shame on you Hymer. You guys sucked from the moment you came into North America. I hope you get sued like crazy. And I hope to God it all goes up for auction and another RV company buys it, kills off you’re stupid, unreliable, cheaply made Hymer vans, and keeps all of the Roadtreks in production and for sale. If not, you’re stupid *ss North American manager literally just killed an American/Canadian loved and iconic Class B van that has been around forever. Hymer – you suck. And I hope you plan to do something for the 900+ people that found out with no notice that they had no jobs to come back to you on Monday, and no severance pay. Have I already said that you completely suck Hymer? Shame on you. Go back to Germany and continue making your beautiful trailers and don’t feel bad about f*cking up stuff for us North Americans who are huge Roadtrek fans. I hope you all get crabs. Big ones that bite. Hard.

I almost never share.

OK, so I almost never share or repost other people’s sh*t, but this one was too good and adorable to not. So here. Enjoy the H*ll outta’ it.

Dog, cat and rat surrendered to shelter, refuse to be separated.

A cat, a rat and a dog might sound like the beginning of a joke, but that’s the last word anyone would use to describe the incredibly dynamic relationship between this trio of unlikely friends .Sasha the dog, Tweaks the rat and Jack the cat were surrendered to a shelter by their owners. “They had to downsize their home, and they weren’t able to take the three animals with them, so they brought them here,” said Cheryl Rosenthal of the Oshkosh Area Humane Society. “A lot of people would say ‘Why would you do that?’ But not every place will accept pets, let alone three of them. Each of the animals had to undergo a medical examination after the surrender. When it was Jack’s turn, he wasn’t too keen on being separated from Sasha and Tweaks. “He became very frightened and was growling and not very cooperative at all,” Rosenthal said. “So one of the staff said, ‘Why don’t we try to bring the dog in?’ And it was just amazing. As soon as the dog came in, he was like a totally different cat. He just became more relaxed knowing that his buddy was there.”Jack the cat has a vision impairment, and it turns out that he relies a lot on Sasha the dog to guide him around. Tweaks the rat is the oldest of the three but is perhaps the youngest at heart. At first, the staff worried about putting Tweaks in the same enclosure as his buddies, but they soon realized there was no separating this team nicknamed the Rat Pack.”We thought, ‘Well maybe we should bring the rat in,'” Rosenthal said. “So we did. We put the rat down, and right away the rat was running all over the dog, and going up and licking his face, and the dog was licking the rat. So it was like, ‘OK – I guess they really are friends.” The bond between these three friends could not be severed, and the rescue staff hoped that someone would be willing to adopt all three animals together. Thankfully, one day Kathy Berens and her daughter stopped by the shelter and overheard the Rat Pack’s story. “They had adopted a cat from us, and they were thinking about getting another cat, but they also wanted a dog,” Rosenthal said. “So Kathy kind of overheard some of our staff talking about Tweaks and Sasha and Jack, and she’s like, ‘This sounds like a ready-made family. This might be ideal for us.” The Berens fell in love with all three animals, and soon the Rat Pack was headed off into the sunset to a new, permanent, loving home. The humane society staff was so happy for the team but also sad because of how much they missed their company and antics. Berens was moved by the strength of the relationship between these three unique souls. “They have touched a lot of hearts other than just mine and I am grateful and feel very privileged to be able to be a part of this,” Berens told The Dodo.
The Rat Pack