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Ah… The good Ol’ Days of Facebook.

I remember when someone posted this on my Facebook Wall and *I* got in FB trouble. It was funny though. People would post hi-LARIOUS stuff on my Wall and then I would get in trouble….. Until, as we all know, FB took down my profile. Oh well!!
So anyway, here is one of my bestest most favoritest things I ever didn’t do and gotted in trouble for… :).

How much did I love her for posing with us?!?

I’m pretty sure my neighbor is going through my garbage…

I went to put some recycling in the bin already rolled up onto the street tonight, and I noticed a bag that I had put in there a few days ago with ripped up bills and papers was empty, and sitting in top. I kinda pulled a Jersey-Boy move and went through the bin a little and my torn up papers were nowhere to be found. I wonder what my nasty old geriatric neighbor finds so interesting about my torn up bills etc…. I’m putting a note in the next bag of papers saying “Stay the f*ck out of my garbage, you dirty old garbage-picker!”
See- I feel better already!

Cursing & The Bible. (And here comes the hate-mail).

Someone just messaged me and asked me why, if I’m not bound by FB’s ridiculous rules, am I still editing my f*cking blogs and manually silencing-out my words on video…. I guess it’s because I like to keep text life and video life in sync. <——–Kidding. Actually, I started doing that 15 years ago when my Niece was born, so that by the time she was old enough to understand words, I’d be f*cking good at not swearing in front of her (meanwhile, my Sister talks like a filthy slut in front of her… it’s true…… and she is). And then, in videos I knew I’d send to my Mom for the family I would purposely do the same. It got to be where I didn’t have to think about it, I just automatically did it (kinda’ like straightening out my thick (he he, I said “thick”) Jersey accent. I’d have to be drunk to do either, and I don’t drink, so they are a sure-thing (kind of like all of your Mothers).
Swearing like crazy the other day in the video blog just kind of felt wrong. It felt almost unnatural, as fun as it was. So, enjoy that one, because I won’t say bad words anymore. It’s just as sinful as homosexuality and eating shrimps or crabs or whatever the Hell the Bible says is wrong. So, No more swearing. You’re just going to have to call me on the phone if you want to hear me swear. Being the “Self-(Bleeping) B*stard” doesn’t work over the phone, it just makes it sound like I’m on AT&T. That’s right- I said it. AT&T sucks my nut-sack. <——- I didn’t asterisk out that because really, there’s no bad words in that…..
Speaking of the Bible, does anyone really read that POS? It was hands down the worst AND funniest book I’ve ever read. Seriously- if you all want a good laugh, read “The Way”. Cracked. Us. Up. (and by “us” I mean the girl I was sinning with at the time. We took a break from 4 different sins to read some of it. Hilarious.