Dear Apple:

I just sent this letter to Apple. I’m serious.

I have seen a lot of stuff come and go… new UI’s, new hardware, dropped hardware, etc. etc. and I’ve never felt compelled to actually write to Apple and b*tch about something. However, this new iTunes 11 is terrible. The UI is so confusing, I can’t upgrade my clients because it would be way too confusing for them. It’s also inconsistent. Playlists appear on the right when you want to drop a song in one? But if you select the Playlists tab, they appear on the left? I have to say out of all the things Apple has done (leather bound calendar and contacts!?) this is the worst. Why in the world did you change something that people were so used to and was extremely functional? This is something that even if people re-train themselves and actually get used to, is not nearly as seamless and functional. There are no real new features, so I’m baffled why you guys would do all this in a digital world of heavier and heavier competition.
Apple, I adore you, but no bien, no bien.


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