#Dieselgate Decision

Well, after much deliberating, I’ve decided to make VW buy back my #Dieselgate. The car will never pass EPA emissions or CARB, no matter what they do to fix it. The cars that owners decide to keep will always pollute more than they are allowed, but they will given a “free pass” and be able to remain on the road. As much as I love 236 ft/lb torque, as an environmentalist I can’t drive a car that even after the best of fixes, will still be way dirtier than it should be. I’m glad the judge in the case will give owners a choice for the semi-fix or buyback, but I’m chasing to do the buyback. I believe I’m doing the right thing by the trees and critters I have always loved and cared for. It will make no difference if my car stays on the road for next 30 years or not, but it’s the principle of the thing. Crush it! :-(. #Motorcycle on the back of the motorhome is easier than toading a car anyway (and get’s 25 MPG better). F*ck it. When it’s time to buy another car, I’ll just get a gas-guzzling pickup truck like all good Americans, lol. But I’m going to “erase” the damage I unwittingly did buy going car-free for at least as long as I’ve had this stinky cheater: 1.5 years. You’re Welcome.

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  • Anonymous

    May 17, 2016

    Good decision. Very commendable. Be careful on the bike. Keep having a wonderful time RVing in your old motorhome.


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