Discount Code for @WhistleLabs Pet Tracker!

If you’re like me and love your pet to pieces, and they are either indoor/outdoor OR runners (think of your fence-jumpers or 4th of July fireworks runaways) Then you should get this. I used them for many years both stationary and on the move in the RV, and it works great. Aside from a sh*tty customer service ordeal that I myself had with them, the service provided to keep your critter safe, having this device is priceless. And I have a discount for you too! Use this code and get $25 off the tracker and charger/base station.

Her’s the discount code, be good cheap #Stalkers…

Nw-b6tf3z <—– Code. You can buy the thing at 

Or if you’re a big @Amazon shopper, you can get it here:



This is what the damn thing looks like on its dock/charger.


This is what the damn thing looks like on an incredibly #UglyDog. (I’m sure it’s one of the Whistle Pet Tracker employees dog. (now i feel better about the bad customer service, lol)

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