Dr. VocalVirgo… Calling Dr. VocalVirgo…

So I brought Misha Rodriguez Degan to the Vets yesterday to get her teeth trimmed. Again. The Vet that was there brought her back after 20 minutes and said he could only do it if he put her under anesthesia because she was too fidgety. I told him that being that I am her Daddy, and a Vet Tech, I could hold her well. He said no. So I made an appointment for Thursday with the Doctor who did it the first time. He was also super nice :). Well, this morning Misha woke me up to show me that she was uncomfie and that her mouth hurt. I called my friend Marc over and he practiced (clinically) holding her for a few minutes and I trimmed her teeth. all 3 of them. 1 of them I had to do twice. My point is, is that I’m sending myself a Vet bill that I now have to pay. How much should I charge me?
BTW, The Mishie is a very happy camper again :). And also, I can use the $65 I saved on the Vets and buy her a toy. Like one from RentBoys.com. And we can share that toy.
And so it has been said.

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