@Evernote shuts its doors.

When Evernote emailed all their users a few moths ago stating that free membership levels were being downgraded, I was like “Please God, not another company going full-on with video adverts when a user first logs in…”. No. But as it turned out, it was worse. They gave us freebie folks about 30 days to either pony-up some ca$hola or understand that we would otherwise be limited to 2 devices. That meant 1 Mac and 1 iPad. Or 1 Chromebook and 1 Android device. And believe it or not, using the service’s browser based interface is locked to a device via cookies, so you couldn’t use the Evernote App on your Pixel C, Samsung S7 and via the web on your computer. If one could, I wouldn’t be writing this. Nope. 2 devices means 2 devices.

Well @Evernote, it’s been a few months and you haven’t changed your mind, so… this is goodbye. Apple’s Notes has come a long way and being that I am a Mac guy, that’s what I’ll be switching to. And if I ever go Google, Keep is pretty amazing. Better than Apple Notes, actually (because they have colored tabs and reminders built in). Anyway. It’s been nice. Our 8-year relationship is now over. But let me know if you change your mind- you know, kind of like how you did with Pistach.io. Twice.


Evernote and I are divorcing.

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