Fat Cat Lady…

Fat Cat Lady…

So, this rescue group that I volunteered & worked with last spring and summer is such a scam. The fat lady who runs it and her little minion assistant are such unbelievable bitches and they make enemies at every turn, and it just shocks me that her boosters still give them money. If Petco and Petsmart and all of these private donors only knew that the Fat one who runs the show has over 100 cats in her garage and in her house, (and a homeless man that lives in her garage taking care of them all), their jaws would drop. Granted 1/2 of these animals are sick, but what about the other half? These are/were perfectly adoptable animals that are now forced to live their lives out in her garage. The guilt that I harbor is because A) I didn’t speak up sooner and B) some of those cats came from ME. If I’da known that she was going to keep them and expose them to the sick ones, I never would have brought them. But, they use these little babies or really injured cats more as photo ops (to plead for money and donations on FB) than living creatures.

I just sent the two b*tches an email pretty much saying I’m going to tell every other rescue they work with about the garage. 90% concern for the kitties (and that guy I guess too), 9% because I think people should know, and 1% because I’m evil.
Meh, it’s 100% for the animals. I just also think people should know. And I hate them. Yeah, that’s about what it is.

What do you guys think? Turn them in?
I’m hoping my email alone makes them start doing the right things by these animals. I’m hoping they see that I’m talking about it online publicly (the one b*tch… the liquified one, not the fat one) stalks me on G+ and stuff) and get thr hint that I’m serious.

Volunteering for these shady people and then working for them 1/2 of last year makes me want to never work with an organization again. I will always take in strays and find homes for them and will continue to “rescue” and help as much as I can… but that experience last year made me so sick about the “business” of helping animals.

God, now that I really think about it, it’s just the way they say every little thing like it’s so true, and none of it is fabricated etc. etc. is what opened my eyes. That and aaaaall the people that they have f*cked over. So much lying and so much f*cking. I guess this parallels my last boyfriend?!

Oh, and I just remembered I have a much hugerer digital paper trail, pictures and videos than I thought. OMG, I thought I only had a single video of that garage full of cats- but I just saw that I have like 10. OK, now after watching these… I am not only sickened with guilt, I’m also sure this lady needs to be turned in. And I think that every one of the cats can be fostered if the right rescue groups come in to help.

I love that I type like I talk. It’s so against the fat one’s motto of “Every email you write should be written like it’s going to be read in Court!” Sh*t, I don’t know if that’s smart or just plain shady…

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