Fat Cats staring StrayCat Alliance

It’s sad that Best Friends Animal Society – Los Angeles is turning a blind eye regarding Christi Metropole and her garage full of cats. How is it that this fat c*nt can keep over 100 cats in her garage and even a very well respected animal rescue group won’t get her to do the right thing? I’ll tell you why: The Stray Cat Alliance and BestFriends.org are working hand-in-hand together on a few different rescue projects – that’s why. This is a shining example, a perfect example of why I do not do politics. Because when people get in bed together they start bending the rules for one another. BestFriends.org used to stand for animal rights. End of story. But now, they’re working with somebody who has over 100 sick, scared and unhealthy cats in her garage. Not only is that illegal, it’s just morally rotten.

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