Free French Fries

This is how you get free french fries:
1. Go somewhere where you know they serve fries. (duh).
2. Order nothing but make sure your friend order fries with whatever he orders.
3. Make sure he salts and catsup’s them the way you like.
4. Before he digs into YOUR fries, tell him about your last BM- be graphic and speak with intent.
5. Enjoy your fries! You’ll ‘prolly get the burger and whatever else he ordered too!

You’re Welcome!


  • Nancey K

    May 18, 2012

    What the fuck was this? You are the kind of random and your too fucking funny. Come out of your celebacy and fuck me. I'm a hot girl with big tits. Have at me, you hot stud.

  • zeppodude

    May 18, 2012

    This is another great tip to live by provided by you!! I can hardly wait to read the bloggs/ randome comments from you!! You are too hot and sexy to be celebate!! I will be back in LA in a couple of months and on the hunt and I always get my man!! I love cyber flirting don't you?? ROFL!! lol


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