Free Speech my *ss!

Today Twitter took down one of my tweets. It was much more tame than the actual tweet I was responding to. The one I was responding to was filled with hate and accused a friend of mine of having anal sex with his neighbors dog. And today, I was notified by Facebook that they had taken down one of my posts due to complaints. The post had the word #Oral” in it. Why do #haters troll my sh*t and then complain about it? If ya’ don’t like me, then stop creeping my #SocialMedia. Get your own lives and get out’cha own boring heads.

I’ll post the screen shots on @Instagram tomorrow. But I’ll be sure not to let @IFTTT post it to FB, lol. I’d just get blocked for another 24 hours.

Goodnight f*ckers! Here’s a photo to get you through the night.


Peace from the Beach.
Peace from the Beach.


  • David Sanders

    November 4, 2016

    Yeah I commented twice on that post and I saw it was gone. I assumed you took it down. But asal, Facebook is on your case again. Been following you for years and saw how many time they closed your Pages. I remember the big “poop” thing where you got in trouble for showing a picture of a disgusting public bathroom, but yet to prove your point you shared links to like 5 or more other Facebook profiles that were all about, if not dedicated to scat and shit like that. That’s why you have to host your own content.
    Glad you’re still doing this. Still entertaining. But bring back the bathroom interviews.

    • VocalVirgo

      December 25, 2016

      All I heard was “Please take me into your bathroom” and then something about “Poop”.


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