Fuck Fuck Fuck

I couldn’t be more proud to be an American as I am today. I can’t believe it took someone like @Madonna to make me feel proud again.  I just want to give that crazy bitch a big fat hug because she’s the first person to ever get me to uncensor my own swearwords on my own blog (and to take the fear out of me).  I always asterik out one of the vowels in any swearword I use – it’s just kind of  “my thing”.  Anyone who follows any of my social media or blog knows this. But I couldn’t be prouder with being able to entitle this entry “Fuck Fuck Fuck” uncensored.  I am so proud of that woman for saying what she said today. She made me happy again. I’m not afraid to live in my own country now,  as I have been for the last three months.  I’ve considered taking Canada up on their offer and moving up there for the next four years. But I’m going to stay right where I am and proudly fight the fight for equality, for everybody.  Everybody.  I don’t need to list sexes, genders, colors, races, religions, beliefs… Everybody.  Everybody.

If you have a problem with this blog post, please unfollowed me on all social media. But don’t forget – grab your mothers, sisters, daughters,  wives, girlfriends- any female by their Pussies. It’s OK. You’re allowed to now.


@Madonna at the very beginning of helping us stay grounded and together.


  • Jerri

    February 1, 2017

    SMH. she threatened to blow up the fucking White House. I’m happy freedom of press let’s you use the word Fuck!! Why thank her? She’s phoney as FUCK. SHES FUCKED HALF OF THE ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY!! I adored her until her speech!

    She fucking disappointed me!

    • VocalVirgo

      February 2, 2017

      I’m sorry you feel that way. And I don’t think @Madonna meant “blowing up the white house” as a literal statement. I think she’s only f*cked a quarter of the entertainment industry.
      You disappoint me. 🙂

    • VocalVirgo

      March 14, 2017

      Language! F-Bombs are unacceptable! 😉


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