• Anonymous

    April 16, 2016

    ha ha. You're picture got deleted by Google, which means it's also gone from you Google Drive/Google Photos account. I think it sucks that a company can just delete your data if they don't like it. VocalVirgo, I can't imagine you posted a "restricted" type photo, not your style, right…? But it was probably really funny and it bent people the wrong way. WTF is freedom of speech for and you even have a warning on your landing page. I mean come on- bloggers like you keep us depressed losers entertained. I still love you sexy man!

    • VocalVirgo

      October 25, 2016

      There was no nudity in the picture. And yes, thought it was removed from my Google Drive. Gone. And yes again, it does suck when a big company can dip into your data and delete whatever they feel like they have a right to delete. That’s why this geek keeps local and offsite hard drives. 🙂


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