Google, I thought we were cool? :(

Well, bad triumphs over good…
Today Google notified me that my YouTube channel will be shut down in 2 weeks because they received 2 complaints (from the same user, who is also a subscriber to the channel) about 2 seperate videos. Granted, I’m no Mother F*cking Theressa, but it’s not like there is nudity or sex or anything. Haters will be haters and it makes them feel good to hurt other people. That’s a sad life :(. That’s OK, we’ll just move our sh*t onto our server.

Honestly, I expected better from Google. My blog & YouTube channel has made them money with advertising, and the money we have taken in from the same advertising goes to charity. It’s a shame.

Remember the 14 different Facebook accounts I have had?!? Someone really has a rock- hard hate-on for me :). I guess someone didn’t get my c*ck that they wanted…

You’re Welcome, you F*ckin’ F*cker!

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