Health Food is for fatties…. Wait… what?

I had a huge, healthy salad last night, with a can of tuna. I am eating healthy now that I’m a medically induced fat*ss. I even gave up Mikkie-Dee’s, which sucks my b*llsack dry… it really does. Anyway, this morning I took the biggest and crampiest sh*t. It was an uncomfie 45 minutes, seriously. I thought my small intestines were making there way down the large ones and heading for my *sshole. My point is this: Is eating healthy really worth it? My *ss is revolting (not in the way that sounds… you know what I mean!).
I AM sparing you a photo, mainly because I had to give myself 2 courtesy flushes during, so there was only about 1/3 the pudding in the bowl. I feel you deserve more than that (I mean this literally).

You’re Welcome.

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