Holy Crap- this “Polliticall” blog that just went up is HEAVY!!

So I don’t how I got here, but I went from looking for a replacement car for my dirty #dieselgate TDI, to some weird advertisement- which admittedly, I clicked on because the girl in the picture had almost completely exposed boobies…  Anyway, I’m getting off subject. Somehow I ended up on this crazy political blog on blogger and being someone who is not into politics at all, never ever, never not in 1 million years… of course I started to read it. This dude is Hella serious. I’m not even sure what camp he’s in because I don’t know who is the elephant and who is the donkey, but that’s my fault because I’m politically retarded. If only I put that much effort into my own blog as this guy. Jeez, if I did that I’d start a new poop revolution.


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