I feel compelled to be serious…

So, I promise to stick to my usual schtick, but my next Vlog is going to be about something semi-serious. I was semi-serious about my fetish on the last video, which is real (but funny) and I actually felt better after having “come out of the closet” about it. So, I decided I will do another Vlog where I get to gripe/review/piss all over something I am semi-pasionate about. You nosey f*ckers will find out what it is when the Vlog posts. Yeah, I said it like that.
Also, I got a few suggestions on topics to talk about. And no, “iLikeitInmy*ss” (his version has no asterisk), I will not do a 3 minute thing on cleaning the “butt-hole” for better sex. Topics are SEMI-SERIOUS. Chitchat about butt-hole sex is not serious enough. Unless we do a how-to video. Hmmm. That gives me an idea….

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