If anyone wants illegal prescription drugs…

Some d*uchie-d*uchebag just called me and tried to sell me Ambien & Valium. I told him to suckle the skin between my *ss and b*llsack. Then he insisted I had ordered from him before . I insisted he lose my number. Then he told me he can send me drugs COD. I told him if I wanted drugs COD I’d just ask the last person I was dating for some- as he redly steals, and there’s no cash-on-delivery involved. Then he told me he was going to call back every day until I buy from him. I told him that I will be sure to start masturbating at the beginning of every call. He hung up.
I hope he calls tomorrow like he promised.

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  • Ian

    February 10, 2012

    What, no vicodin?


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