I’m totally naked.

I lied. I just titled that so you people would read this. Or for you dummies, someone would read it to you.
Now, back to me. I can’t sleep! It’s after 5 AM and no sleepie. I’ve done everything I can think of: I masturbated (twice), and then I ate a salad (with cheese, so my *ss will be f*cked up tomorrow), I nailed 26, and I watched about 3 minutes of that Mariah Carey movie (I was sure it would put me right to sleep, but it just made me feel suicidal). And then I masturbated again. Now I’m watching a cartoon with turtles in it. I hope they f*ck in the end. I really like it when cartoon turtles make the sex.
I will ‘prolly sleep aaaaall day tomorrow. Thank goodness I’m not scheduled to f*ck anyone (for ca$h, because I’m good at what I do).
Good Morning Wh*res! Have a great day!!

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