It’s raining kittens and puppies.

So tomorrow early morning I’m going to pack up my two little foster kittens and drive about 110 miles to Hemit California to pick up 7 (!!), six week old boxer mix puppies. It’s a long drive so I’m sure I’m going to have to stop at least once to bottle feed the babies in the car. And then also on the way back at least once. I’m taking the puppies to barkinb*tches on Fairfax where there are a handful of happy fosters waiting with open arms, open hearts and open homes to take the puppies in. I can’t explain how being a part of this makes me feel

I recognize that I am a couple of different things – h*ll, I’m practically schizophrenic, but the biggest part of my heart really does belong to mother nature.

I feel bad when I don’t use my forum to entertain you guys with my rude, sexual, immature, childish banter. But once in a while… isn’t a blog entry like this better? 🙂

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