Killer Shopping

I just got back from dinner that started at 6. Lemme tell you… CPK has never been a more fun place to be stranded in when the Mall it’s attached to has a violent crime happen in it. No one could leave the Mall parking lot until one of the dozens of police searched your car for the stabber of the 2 shoppers. However, when me and my Super-Jew friend left, somehow, we just drove by with no one stopping us. Maybe they were only stopping people of color. Anyway, during the 3 hours we were stranded there, we got to know Yaira our server. She’s a crazy b*tch. And then towards the end I joshed with these 2 fine-*ss black girls. They sort of insisted I give them a shout-out. I got no Oral. None. But hello to Desiree & Lita anyway.
So, I think I’m going to try to get this chick Yaira to do a Sit-Down with me. She’s crazy. Perfect for you people. I’ll keep you posted. Wh*res.
P.S. I am not the one who stabbed the 2 shoppers at the Mall.

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