Lay me… (down)

“So wait- Daddy, you just picked me up and PUT me on the couch?! You mean, as long as this blanket is laid out, I am ALLOWED on the couch? I’m confused and a little scared that I’m gonna get yelled at for being up here…. No?”

“Don’t worry, 26. Yes, I put that blanket down so your white hair won’t get all over the couch. But yeah, you’re allowed up there now! That’s why I put you up there!! Yaaaaaaaaaah!”
“Oh, and 26, can you get Daddy those peach-colored pills… I’m talking to a cat that’s not talking to me. Cats don’t talk. Don’t worry, Daddy will be fine.”

(my brain was confused, but not hurt during the taking of this photo)

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  • VocalVirgo

    January 31, 2012

    Yeah… I guess today is Animal Day for me. But next time, it'll be a shot of his litterbox. Yeah.


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