LiveJournal, Ca

Gosh, I sure hope all the people that were or are still using LiveJournal as their diaries, get their stuff off of there ASAP. It is now 100% Russian owned AND operated. Russia’s new laws are being enforced even via people’s personal diaries.  For example, if you defame the Russian government in any way – you get arrested. Here’s another,  even sadder example – if you mention anything gay or lesbian or transgender or bisexual or queer in your journal, it will get picked up by their scanner programs, and if they find, by reading, that your journal contains support of anyone  that fits in that criteria or if you yourself fits that criteria, you can (and probably will be) arrested. If you are in Russia and you are gay or support gay rights at all, and you use LiveJournal: they will read your journal and they will knock on your door and arrest you. They’ve done it to 4 people so far.  No judge, no jury, not even a trial. Just jail. is not what it used to be folks.

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