Me not Grindr

So, you guys know how I love me some funny, right…? Screenshotting anything rediculous, stupid or funny. Well, I had the Grindr App (along with POF, 365, WAZE and more and more) that are “Social Apps” but people just say the craziest sh*t that they’d never say in person, or send really super naked pictures of themselves or their body parts or their *sses spread wide open. You know what I mean. Well anyway, I dumped all those Apps because as it turns out, my idiot “fans” (you people) were sending me enough fodder so that I didn’t have to troll around on the iPod looking for it myself (plus some of it was grossing me out in my old age). That was around late September. 4 or 5 weeks ago I sold the iPod to a company that refurbs them or uses them for parts (this one had a cracked screen). Of course, as an IT Professional (and a Wh*re) I knew to log out of and delete anything user-based. Then I restored it. And then I sold it to them. Well, it looks as though that company fixed it all up and resold it, because now a few of my friends over the last few days have told me that the Grindr profile I was using is now back up, minus the info I deleted. As it turns out, whomever has the iPod now, downloaded Grindr, and as the App is device specific and not user specific (it uses the devices IMEI identifier and not a user/profile login) is using my old profile. Not totally the new owners fault. But what is disturbing is that he is “continuing” conversations I had previously with other users. And is using my picture (which for some reason still shows, although no other info is there).
So I say this to the new owner of my old iPod: 1- How much did you pay for it? (I’m sorry, but I really am curious) and 2- Are you having fun continuing conversations that people think they are having with me, or are you completely unaware that they think they are talking to me? Um… why haven’t you changed the picture to YOU? Just wondering.
So, if anyone is about to have gay man sex with me off Grindr- horny beware, it ain’t me.
But if you want to have ANY kind of sex with me… I’m right here on Facebook!! Hi!! Hello!!
Aren’t you glad you just spent 2 minutes reading this? Or 3 if you’re slow in the brain.
You’re Welcome!!

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